Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Joia's Journal

This is an RP post I did for a character journal.  She is a Mage-priest worshiping the Sun.

ooc: this post contains some disturbig imagry.  Please, if someone speaking of torture would cause you angush dont read this.

 (Apropriate music)

I was told once I should write.  That writing is strength and focus for the spirit.  I doubt that but it cant hurt.  I find I feel less the depths of my anger when I am done writing about it.

I weep in the night, when I am alone and I dont have anyone t be strong for.  I weep in memory of the past.  I remember how I could stand by my Love not as a poor crippled thing but as a stong warrior for the LIght.

How I miss standing in her stadow.  Even feeling that etherial touch meant so much.

How to explain what happened to me, when the memories are half nightmare.  The Warsong they took me from the place the Tars of Draenor said were safe.  I wasnt alarmed when they arrived and greeted them with open arms.

They poisoned me with poisons that made the healing light burn corrpting my body as they abused it.  as a gift they tore my mouth open shreading my cheeks.  To this day I cant make my mouth line up.  No matter how hard I try my lips cant obey.  My cheeks are just scars over scars now.

My Lady, she doesnt know me, in my priestly robes and mask.  For I am too weak to wear the holy armor.  Too weak and scarred.  My cousins you see they rescued me and the first thing they did ws to call upon a priest to heal me.

I was in agony but I screamed loud enough to be heard far around as he did.  The poison in me drew strength from it we discovered later, devouring the light and making more agony.  Controrting my body and breaking bones in my efforts to escapt the torment.

They nursed me back to health with no magic...elves forced to rely upon folk wisdom.  They did their best.  But I am forever deformed.  The venom in my bones waiting.  Yet it is only empowered by gentle sweet healing.

Rage, the Sun's judgement is still mine.

So I can burn..burn with anger against the Horde, the Alliance, the Scourge, the foes of my people.  I am the Sun's Justice.  i am the Light's Wrath.

They will burn with me!

Burn till we all are ashes!

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