Wednesday, August 31, 2011

15 days delayed. Day 11: Profession of Choice

Show us an image of you doing what you like to do best. 

Well the last one was a bit of a downer, I got distracted by IRL, and this one is...hmmm.  I really need to start preparing for these ahead of time.

Warcraft professions are really hard to show off.  A bit of finger wiggling, possibly swinging a hammer or pick, and poof its done.  Worse my main profession has less effects in game than the others - its Enchanting.  The only real effect it has is to add a glowy to a weapon, some of them of debatable look.  Mongoose is one of my favorite ones.

So, what is Enchanting?  Enchanters see magic items as materials to build their spells much like a smith sees ore.  You have to destroy to create.  Trying to skill up in Azeroth can be rather brutal these days but it can be done.

A normal person sees Uncorrupted Hands and thinks 'Ah ha that's 7 silver for my leveling character.'   An Enchanter thinks 'Ooh! I can Disenchant that and turn it into materials!'  In the end its hard to say who makes more money, the disenchanted mats and enchantments you can make have value but so does cold hard cash.

Wowhead's enchanting writeup.
The reason i took it long, long, ago was I was told how hard and worthless it was for you and how much of an asset it was to your guild.  That's pretty much it - I wanted to be good guildie.  The fact you got to be a tailor was an added plus.  Warcraft isn't nearly as cool as Star Wars galaxies was for tailoring but making clothes is a fun thing.

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