Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tracking and Pet Tricks (Hunters, Warlocks, Frost Mages)

Awesome Elf Hunter by Mab
Hunter pets were recently nerfed, their functionality severely reduced by the removal of the Aggressive and Defensive stance.  With some work I've managed to more or less get some of the old functionality back.

1) Run the new Defensive stance.  This means the pet will attack those attacking you/it.
2) Add into your attacks a line command: /click PetActionButton1
This will click the first button on your pet bar telling your pet to attack.  Its not perfect, in some cases its a huge pain.  But its less of a pain than the current stances.

Now I've been fiddling with the tracking for hunters.  Its a pain in city areas but handy in the wilds.  here is the result.

/run for i = 1, GetNumTrackingTypes() do local name, _, active = GetTrackingInfo(i) if name == "Track Humanoids" then return SetTracking(i, active == nil) end end

If it sees it running it turns it off, if it isn't running it casts it.  Kind of like in the 'good' old days when tracking didn't have that abominable drop down menu.  Want to track Beasts in stead (or whatever)?  Just change the name in the macro.

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