Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blizzaed Q&A - Tanks...or Blizzard Bullsh*t

The blizzard Q&A for tanks is up. has a nice link to it here.  Its really...something.  Not something Id say in polite company.

What amazes me most is how little of these questions they even bother to answer, adding in useless bits to fluff up the answers like a 6th grader with a book report.

I have to repost my favorite, and worse case. bullsh*t answer they gave.


Have you considered normalizing initial Rage for feral druid tanks? For example, when a warrior uses Charge, it generates 15 points of Rage, which lets them use another aggro generating ability quickly, something that Feral druids tend to be a bit short on. Why in Cataclysm was the bear bonus health pool was reduced, as well? Their survivability always depended on the amount of health since they don’t have parry or shield block. Do you have any plans to improve bear tanking in the future? At the moment, it’s considered to be the weakest tank. Have you considered giving druid tanks an additional tool to pull casters at range? It’s the only tank class that doesn’t have a talent or spell to help in those situations. – Pødêrøsø (LA), Вирко (EU-RU), Амелья (EU-RU), Condenacion (EU-ES), Whitewnd (KR)

Bears are getting a significant mitigation buff in 4.2 and we’re retuning their damage such that it’s a little easier to hold aggro at low gear levels, and a little harder at higher gear levels. While we definitely don’t expect the community to ever agree on anything, we’ve seen little evidence of a widespread concurrence that druids are “the weakest tank.” There are plenty of druid tanks out there, handling everything from Grim Batol to Sinestra. Tank balance overall is in a really good place. Players may focus on potential problems that could arise in the future but we also have ample time to address those problems should they occur. Gone are the days when we would just release a class into the wild and refuse to touch it again until the next expansion.


So lets see now.
Normalizing rage, no answer.
Bonus health pool/lack of block, no answer.
Improving it/weakest tank, answered and denied its a problem.  (WTF?)
Caster Pull, No answer

So out of 5 parts only one got answered...and a lot of fluff info and filler comments made to 'bulk up' the answer till it looks good and solid.  I have the sudden urge to submit these to teacher friends and see how they would grade Blizzard.

But there are some glints of real information in the sludge of marketing garbage.

In the mastery section (a total fluff question) they ignore the problems with the mastery stat, leveling, and tanks.  This proves they have a horrid blind spot to leveling characters and their interaction with the mechanics of the game.  Thats just...wall Ill lets Yahtzee of ZP say it for me.

Probably the saddest thing in all this to me is all the people who will be folled by the marketing BS in this.

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