Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I was working on what buffs to carry on my hunter and I decided to compare the dfeensive abilities of the tanking classes.  Id always imagined them fitting together neatly and balanced.

The answer was more like this:

Primary target of Crusaders Strike and HotR -10% physical damage
Judgements -20% speed melee and ranged.

AoE tunderclap -20% attack/ranged speed
AoE -10% phys damage

1(2 glyph) targets- 20% speed melee and ranged.
AoE -10% phys damage

Death Knight
2 casts -10% physical
2 casts  -20% speed melee and ranged

Paladins really end up with the short end of the stick defensive debuff wise unless I missed something.  Death Knights being the next worst off taking 3 runes to get their disease spread out.  Warriors seem like they have it the easiest overall.

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