Thursday, May 26, 2011

Quest: Through Persistence Why Blizzard needs more like this

If you have worked for the Stonemother's minions grinding out that Therazane rep your familiar with a quest called 'Through Persistence'.  Its a simple enough quest, kill dudes and take what they drop cause we want it.
My your a tall one

"The troggs did not disperse after you killed Glop. His servants recovered the growth agent that was left behind and continue to sow the seeds of corruption across the Crimson Expanse.
Hunt them down and recover any of the remaining Verlock Miracle-Grow that you find. It must be disposed of."

What makes this special is the way the quest items are gathered.

Killing a trog gets you a 'Sprinkle of Verlok Miracle-Grow', 5 of them forming 1 bag.  Theres also a 40% chance you will get a 'Bag of Verlok Miracle-Grow'.  So someone sat down and decided, no matter how bad your luck is, in 5 kills you get the quest done.  But if your lucky you can get the one drop and get it done faster.

I love this concept.  Setting the maximum amount of killing for a quest means you don't end up commiting genocide on an entire zone for five wombat butts.  The drop rate might be 30% but the bad luck lottery is sometimes 'won' too.
The keyless mud.
I once spent two hours underwater fighting off icky eels trying to find Vic's Keys for a quest because I just couldnt win the roll of the dice to find them.  I would of been great if Bliz had included a mechanic that after you opened 5, 10, heck even 20 you got your quest item rather than beating your head against a stupid no fun mechanic.  Its the reason they removed random drops from staring zones.  First you introduce the concept of drops, then random drops, then grind yourself stupid trying to get a drop levels.

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