Monday, May 16, 2011

It sounds like a good idea Pt 2

Its been pointed out that Zul'Amon and Zul'Grub are the new barrier to raiding.  The argument goes you have to get epics there before raiding no one will actually gear up in normal heroics for raids any more.  So lets compare Vicious Gladiator's Left Ripper and Arlokk's Claws (an offhand drop in Zul'Grub).

VGLR vs A'sC
462.3 > 437.2 DPS
146 > 138 Agi
219 > 207 Stam
97 > 0 Crit
0 < 94 Hit
0 < 90 Haste

Again, I'm ignoring the resilience rating.

The As'C has about 87 more points in abilities that are useful in PvE (The hit and haste part).  But in EVERY OTHER WAY the PvP weapon wins out.  Simply saying blithely that no one would ever require it reminds me of the people saying gear score is just a fad no one would ever require it.

Reforging means a PvP set can have zero hit and with a bit of gold its competitive in the PvE field nicely.  You can reforge 38 of VGLR plus crit into plus hit if you needed it for example.

Now here is another example, a bow.  The Vicious Gladiator's Longbow vs Mandokir's Tribute (a rare drop rrom the last boss in Zul'Grub)

  VGLB vs M'sT
623.3 > 589.4 DPS
107 > 107Agi
161 > 152 Stam
72 > 70 Crit
0 < 64 Haste
Again, again, I'm ignoring the resilience rating.

Base DPS is so vital a stat on the weapon the +strength bow is better for hunters than a lower DPS bow with agility on it.  A higher fist weapon with agility is better than one with strength for a warrior - if that DPS (and max damage) is higher.

I just dont see how the Zul's alter the basic point I'm making much.  That bow for example would only be replaced by Atramedes's bow in Blackwing Descent (20% normal mode) adding just 72 mastery.  It isnt till you down him on heroic you would see a solid upgrade...and right now more than likely those who will do that already have.

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