Saturday, January 15, 2011

Learn 2 play noobs!

I PuG a fair bit and I keep running into so many failures at playing I figured Id go ahead and post the best ones here each week as Epic Fail posts.  Both to vent and so others can laugh at the Laurel and Hardy stupidity.

So here is,


I'm in Blackfathom Deeps, a level 20-25 dungeon on my 25 hunter, and the druid tank zones into it in cat form.  he doesn't talk, emote, or communicate at all.  hes just 22 so hes at risk of his life when they hit him and cant hold agro worth a darn.  So I get my bear pet out and the warlock his VW and we manage to muddle through till we can kick this loo loo 15 min in.

The next tank is another druid, level 25.  He had his bear form but is almost entirely in cloth/caster gear.  Fragile but he has feral as his spec and can sort of slightly hold agro.

he was trying so with a few comments the group let it slide.  Of course he rolled need on the caster staff on the second to last boss.  Cause, you know, tanks are all about that intellect.

Not even the cat can save these guys.

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