Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Cataclysmic Paladin

A quick look at the power of the paladin to get us started.

Yay kitties!

1 - Crusader's Strike: An extra melee swing with a 4.5 sec cooldown that will make holy power at level 9.
3 - Judgement: A 10 yard ranged holy power attack with an 8 sec cooldown, must have a seal on to use.
3 - Seal of Righteousness: You do extra holy damage when you hit things.  Always keep this on.  Lasts 30 min.

5 - Devotion Aura: You and your groups armor is increased.  This stays on unless you die.
7 - Hammer of Justice: A 10 yard range 6 second stun with a 1 min cooldown.
9 - Word of Glory: Consumes your holy power (made when you use Crusader's Strike) to heal you or your target.

The first few levels can feel very slow but at 3 make sure to buy your judgement and combat picks up and things pick up the pace.  The most common mistake I see new paladins making is they dont use Hammer of Justice.  When an enemy is stunned not only can it not hurt you but it cant dodge, parry, or block your attacks.

1: Open combat with Crusader's Strike.  This turns on your auto attack.
3: Open at range with a Judgement and smack them with Crusader's strike when they get near.
7: Its Hammer Time!  Hit them with a Judgement and then a hammer as they run at you and finish them off with your Crusader's Strike.

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