Friday, January 21, 2011

The Cataclysmic Hunter

I am the lion among wolves.
Puppy cuddling!  Because a happy pet is one that will fight will die for you.

1 - Arcane Shot: 25 of your 100 focus, instant, pretty hard hitting shot.  Not enhanced by anything saying it adds to +arcane damage.
1 - Auto Shot: When you right click a mob thats attackable/fire a shot you keep firing at it till its dead or too close and you swap to melee weapons.  Only Hunters can do this- everyone else has to cast a spell for every shot.

1 - Call Pet: If you lose your pet,  it started fighting and you ran away or you died are the most common ways, then use this to resummon it.  If you get a message saying yoru et is dead then use ..
1 - Revive Pet: returns your pet to life after the poor thing died.
3 - Steady Shot: A 1.5 Second cast shot that instead of costing you focus gives it to you.  You cant move while its casting.
4 - Track Beasts: You turn this skill on and off by using the magnifying glass on your mini map.  Neutral animals are yellow dots, red are aggressive, and if you mouse over the dot it will tell you what their name is.
6 - Raptor Strike: A melee attack so your not helpless in hand-to-hand combat.  It has a 6 second cooldown.
8 - Concussive Shot: A zero damage shot that slows the target's movement by half for 4 seconds.
8 - Parry: Whent your facing your enemy you have a chance to parry his attack and prevent damage.

You now start with a pet that is locked into defensive mode, and you don't have any control over.  This means when something attacks you or you shoot a target your pet will charge off and start fighting it.  Not exactly ideal but with most mobs being nonaggressive (yellow) in the starting zones it works.  if you wander too far from where your pet is, like if you run far enough away from a fight, your pet will 'despawn' vanishing until you use your call pet ability to bring him back.  If you get a message that your pet is dead hit your revive pet instead.

1: line up a mob a bit away and hit arcane shot.  Your auto shots will start going off and your pet will tear on over and distract the target while you shoot him down.  Remember Arcane shot is an instant so you can cast it rapid fire several time.  But if your target lives your pet will have trouble keeping it from trying to punch you in the face.
3: Steady shot is a slow cast and what your fighting generally wont live long enough to give you much of a shot at using it.  So Id suggest using it as an opening shot then Arcane Shot.
6: Raptor Strike does decent damage but it has a cooldown, Its for emergencies.  Don't think it means you can melee :)

At 10 your world changes, Ill do a special post on that.

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