Friday, January 21, 2011

10-30 Hunter Talents

I hunt because hunting is my passion, I kill because it is my nature to kill
Nightwill and her companion Foehammer.

Pick a pet that goes with your character and their mood.

For leveling the choice in talents is simple, Beast Mastery.  Here is why.

Beast Mastery gives you a stun that also acts as a major agro generation.  This means you can almost always pull a mob back off you and even if you cant it should be out of the fight for long enough for you to run away.  At 1 minute the cooldown is a bit much but its really handy.  Compare that to Marksman and Survival which both have you doing more damage with an extra shot.  Nice but likely to pull threat off your pet and have monsters gnawing your face.

Thats really the whole of the argument.  Marksman and Survival help you do damage, which causes you to gain agro, agro is bad for smooth controllable fights.  Beast Mastery's talents pump up your pet into a vicious devourer of foes.

At 30 I suggest you pick up a Marksman or Survival hunter spec (I prefer Marksman) and run with it in groups.  These trees have a great deal that will be needed in groups later in game (Marksman silence and Survival for Trapping) and knowing what your doing with them ahead of time will help you greatly.  besides normally in a group you have a tank character who can generate more agro than your pet could.

Talents- At 10, 11, and every odd level after you get +1 talent
10, 11, 13 = Bestial Discipline +3.  +30% focus regen for your pet.
15, 17 = One with Nature +2.  The attack power from your askect of the hawk is increased by 20%.
19, 21, 23 = Frenzy +3.  Your pet gains +6% attack speed per basic attack, stacking to 30%.
25 = Spirit Bond +1.  You and your pet regenerate 1% health and get +5% healing done to you.
27 = Mend pet +1.  25% you can remove almost any ailment from your pet per 'tick' of mend pet when its active.
29 = Fervor +1.  You gain +50 focus, 2 min cooldown.

Not nearly as glamorous as the other trees Beast Mastery however does the job leveling you up the best.

Pet Talents- At 20, and every 4 levels after your pet gains +1 talent.
20 = Charge.  Your pet charges the target, immobilizing them for 1 sec and doing more damage on its next attack.
24, 28 = Serpents Swiftness +2.  +10% attack speed for your pet.

Why not armor or health?  If you keep Mend Pet cast you shouldnt need it against most groups of enemies.  Eventually its a must have for a true tank pet.  but for now its less important than skills that help with the killing.

I suggest a tenacity pet, the bear, because it has an area of effect threat generator at 20 in its Demoralizing Roar - and that helps it stay alive!  Also the Thunderstomp at 44.  But if you like a bit more of a challenge and a bit faster kill time here is a ferocity build.  Id suggest a cat,.  The level 20 ability Roar of Courage may not stack with a warrior's ability but solo it is a delightful buff.

20 = +1 Dash. Your pet moves at +80% movement rate for 16 seconds.
24, 28 = Serpents Swiftness +2.  +10% attack speed for your pet.

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