Sunday, October 3, 2010

Characters, characters, everywhere

So you want to start leveling some characters and you find y ourself wondering what to pick, theres 10 to chose from!

Well OK, so no Death Knights till you get to 55 on a character but you get the picture.

What I suggest is 4 characters to level +1-2 'bank alts'.

1 Tank class, 1 DPS class, 1 healer Class, 1 Hunter.  This will let you try out the various roles in the game and if yu dont like them you can do something else.  For example if you pick a Druid as you 'try a healer' and decide you hate it you can always try it as a tank or dps.

Oh why a hunter specifically?  their great at solo leveling and hunting/gathering to support other characters.  Everyone should have a hunter.  :D

The breakdown
Warrior, Death Knight

Druid, Paladin

Shaman, Priest

Rogue, Hunter, Warlock, Mage

So what to do if you want to have a death knight?  Just be patient.  Level your other characters and when you get one to 55 you can roll a Death Knight.  But realize she will end up 58 when you finish the starting zone so she will be 3 levels above your other toons.  You might want to wait a bit just so she isnt too far ahead.

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