Monday, September 27, 2010

Alts in Warcraft-a few thoughts

A good friend of mine put a great question to me: Why play alts?

Virtually everyone has one or two they play around on.  Its really in your best interest to make a 'bank alt' to hold stuff for your main character... or two... or five depending on how much of a packrat you are :D

But why go through the repetitive work of leveling, what do I get out of it?

Your a winner!
Some people like to do EVERYTHING in a game.  All the hidden quests, optional character, little toys you can find.  But that hasn't ever been me.  I played Final Fantasy and enjoyed it, sometimes I go back and do a little more if I really want to see an alternate plot but I lose my drive once I beat the game.  Yet how do you beat an MMO?  There is no final story (at least not for another 20 levels) so theres a lack of any sort of ending.  For me at least by leveling all the characters I get a sense of completion I could of experienced with the end credits of a good game.

Theres more to do, and more to experience but the core game has been explored.  World, NPCs mechanics, encounters.  The rich depth that is Azeroth.

Gotta catch em all!
A part of it is the collectors desire to have 'one of everything' in a run I suppose.  To be able to say Ive been there, done that.  But really, not so much.  If I felt that kind of drive Id obsess over the achievement system time sink instead of the character improvement one :)

Oh the answer is easy...
I love helping people and the best way to help them is to know what the heck your talking about.  Not in that
I read a forum about a guy who knew a guy who did something like that sort of way but through shared experiences in struggling with DPS, mana, and the like.  Theres a huge difference between practical experience and ivory tower thoughts.

Here is one I dont think Ive ever seen mentioned.  When your out leveling and doing things you tend to be less cut off from people in the game.  The groups for roleplaying and raiding can be much more difficult to find an 'in' with.  best of all every so often you find a diamond in the rough, some person whos really cool and great to be friends with.

Final reason...
I'm good at leveling and have fun learning new classes.  Remembering what drops where how fast so what quest is worth doing and what one you tell to kiss off.  Figuring out what abilities make a class dance through enemies like their not even a problem.  before wow-pro and other guides I could crank out impressive speed in my runs, and with them its just soo easy.

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